3 Day Juice Detox, Step 2!

81 days have been passed since I stopped smoking and I am feeling great! Kicking the bad habit can be considered as done and now the day for step 2 has finally come! 3 day juice detox, baby!

I have done several detoxes before and I decided to do the juice detox again cause it is so convenient when you don’t feel like juicing yourself. I ordered a 3 day juice detox with 18 bottles of fresh pressed Juices from Pressh (in Malta).

The following juices were delivered:

3 day juice detox

KEEP THE DR AWAY! 95% Apple & 5% Lemon

LEMONAID – 50% Apple, 40% Pineapple, 5% Lemon & 5% Mint

THE GINGE – 45% Apple, 45% Carrot, 5% Lemon & 5% Ginger

DEEP GREEN – 50% Apple, 35% Celery, 5% Cucumber, 5% Lemon & 5% Ginger

TURN UP THE BEET – 45% Apple, 30% Beetroot, 15% Carrot, 5% Lemon & 5% Ginger

WATERMELON HEAVEN – 90% Watermelon, 5% Lemon & 5% Mint

It costed me 75€ which I find quite reasonable also considering the fact that they deliver it to your door on the day and time you agree upon.

It is always best to ease in smoothly, approximately 3 days before. This would be the optimal. Somehow I completely missed this part.

My husband had birthday one day before the start of my detox and you can imagine how healthy I was. Got some lovely Rose d’Anjou wine and some delicious chocolate muffins.

I mean how could I resist? I know it is lame but no regrets here (the regrets will come faster then I expected).

Let’s have a look into this closer and how I went with my detox.

Day 1

3 day juice detox

It is time for a reality check before I jump right head into my detox challenge. I usually try to avoid the scale but today there is no excuse to escape. 66,3 kg it is! Let’s see how much I can lose during my 3 days detox.

Considering the fact that I had many bad experiences before, even with the same detox, I am feeling great straight away! In the past few detoxes I also had heavy headaches and a feeling of weakness and a general unwell being.

I believe that having the right attitude and mindset is key to a pleasant detox. Also, I am off during my detox and can model my day around it, which comes really handy.

So, how did I spend my first day? I went shopping and was so distracted that I did not even think about eating, which was helpful for sure. The rest of the day I was clearing up, cooking and baking.

Yes you heard right! I cooked coconut cauliflower rice, baked my oat cookies and made a pizza for dinner for my loved ones.

Although this might be a bit weird, I really enjoyed it, even though I was not eating myself. I also found that this is the perfect time to start a new Yoga challenge.

I chose TRUE  from Yoga with Adriene. It is truly amazing! In my opinion you will not find a better online Yoga than Adriene. Just try it out and let me know if you agree!

So far my detox is working out perfectly. I have a very clear mind, feel energetic and my skin is glowing. Besides that I just feel great and in balance with myself and the world around me.

I drank my first bottle around 10am and the last at 7pm. Most of the time I was not hungry much, however now I am and it is not even 8pm.

Damn I hear my stomach complaining. I guess I will go sleep earlier to overcome the hungry feeling.

Day 2

3 day juice detox

Scale check: 65,1 kg. Not bad, a 1 Kilo in 1 day. I wish it would stay for good away and not just until I start eating again.

Today has been very different from yesterday. I am less enthusiastic than before and a slight headache is making me feel not so great.

I also noticed that I am having thin nerves and easily freak out. Somehow everyone seems to annoy me very quickly.

So what did I do today? As I was already the day before, I am really obsessed with food.

Following my obsession, I prepared breakfast, lunch and dinner, had some household work done and continued with day 2 of my Yoga challenge. I also watched some TV and had a nap. So nothing spectacular today.

I am less hungry than yesterday and can easily go through the day with 6 bottles. Looking forward for day 3 and when I can start eating again. I do miss food, I just love to eat!

Day 3

3 day juice detox

Scale check number 3: 64,3 kg. Loving it! 2 kgs lost in 3 days is pretty awesome.

So how did the last day of my detox go? Not very well. I went to bed with a headache and I woke up with a headache and a feeling of nausea. I had to stay in bed much longer than intended due to my unwell being.

Also, I was supposed to go to the hairdresser, however during halfway in the bus I had to turnaround. I felt so weak and nausea, I just wanted to go home and sleep.

That’s exactly what I did. I slept for several hours, had a hot shower and my headache was gone.

Life was good again and I felt refreshed and great. Also, I took the opportunity to continue with my Yoga Challenge.

Since I slept so many hours I was barely hungry and had almost to force me to drink some Juices.

It is almost 7pm and I still have two bottles to go. Whilst I would have loved to eat yesterday, I could go on easily for a few more days without food.


As I already suggested in my previous blog post, please makes sure that you inform yourself enough before you do a detox.

Also, makes sure that you smooth in a detox, starting a few days before removing alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, refined sugars and saturated fats.

Would I have followed my advice I am pretty sure that I could have avoided my headache and feeling of unwell being.

If you have the possibility to take leave, do it! It is so much easier to do a detox when you can adjust your day to it.

Be prepared as well for an emotional roller coaster that you will most likely go through. I went from a high of love and happiness to tears and freaking out over nothing.

If you cannot handle those emotions well, then it might be better to stay away from people until you get back to your normal you.


3 day juice detox

Would I do a 3 day juice detox again? Absolutely! Every detox experience I had was different.

This time I could have gone through even better by just smooth in easily and chose a better day to start.

Mindset and right attitude is important, however the preparation before and after a detox is even more crucial for success.

Nevertheless, in the end it was a good experience; a cleanse that I really needed.

I also believe that 3 days is something almost everyone can handle and should do once in a while.

I hope you enjoyed this review and if you have any questions about the 3 day juice detox or want to leave your own personal review, leave a comment below.



  1. Hi Nathalie, thanks for sharing your progress with this juice detox, and congrats on 81 days of no smoking! 🙂

    I’ve been thinking about doing a juicing detox for some time now.

    Is Pressh the best option available? And do you know if they ship to the UK?

    Thanks 🙂

    • Hey Stephanie, Thanks so much 🙂 There are many good options available but this is the best option where I live. I am not sure if they are shipping but I would rather recommend you to chose one from your locality, I am pretty sure that there are many fresh press juiceries available too. Hope this helps 🙂

  2. This is a really interesting topic. Detoxes are really popular at the moment and I know a lot of people who have been doing them. I found it interesting that you got bad nausea and a headache, was this caused by the detox? should this put me off using the detox? I would also love to hear the health benefits of doing a detox. 🙂

    • Getting headache or nausea is a body reaction that an item is missing like sugar or caffeine, that was previously present. If I would have smooth in easily, this could have been avoided most likely. It is very important that you inform yourself before you do a detox so you are aware what negative effects can occur too during a detox. I personally belive that the benefits outweight the negative side effects. But this is something you have to decide for yourself. Here are some of the health benefits: cleanses the liver, reduces inflammation, helps in weight loss, glowing skin, better thinking and more energy. I can also recommend you to read my other post, where you can find more information. Hope this helps 🙂

  3. Wow! I didn’t know that a 3 Day Juice Detox is so powerful. I always think that a 5 – 7 days detox is the most effective. Even though I like the 3 day idea, I can only manage 1 day. I prefer to make my own juice though. By the way, are those juices tasty? Are there other ingredients to help with the detox process?

    • Hey Carol, it is very powerful indeed. Of course if you can manage a longer one, the result will be more effective. 1 day is better then nothing and if you prefer to do your own juices, great! They are absolutely delicious and no other ingredients are added. There are several other things you can do to achieve similar results like a detox. I suggest you to read my other post to get more information.

  4. Detox is very good and 3 days is a short time to achieve the results from the detox.
    I love the fact that there are a variety of flavors to choose from.
    Watermelon is my favorite fruit and a mixture with lemon and mint is a great combination.
    Thanks for this great information.

    • Hi Pearl, it is short but it makes indeed a difference. With longer detoxes you will achieve better results, however I have to stick with what I can endure 🙂 The flavors are great and the juices really tasty. I love watermelon too 🙂

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